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JMS open house will be Tuesday, August 26th, from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. Students will report to their first hour class to receive your grade level informational packet.

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As you begin to prepare for the coming school year, we would like to share some vital pieces of information that may help guide your school purchases for the 2014-15 school year.  Below you will find the JMS Dress Code Policy as found in the JMS Student Handbook as well as the Student Supply List for each grade level.  It is our goal that this information will help reduce any confusion as we begin the 2014-15 school year regarding the dress code and what is acceptable for school.  Particular points to consider include #2, 8, 9, & 10 as these are the most violated areas of the policy.  We hope you have a relaxing and educational summer and we are eager to greet all of you to JMS in the fall!  If you have any questions regarding this information, you may call the office at (517)849-3210 or email Mr. Playford at bplayford@jonesvilleschools.org.


Thank you!    


Dress Policy - At all times, student dress and grooming is to be in good taste and appropriate for the occasion and not detracting to the decorum of the school.  Student dress and grooming should take into consideration safety, health precautions, cleanliness and neatness.  At all times student dress and grooming should avoid extremes that would appear to be disruptive to the educational atmosphere.

School Board Dress Regulations:

The Board sets forth in writing these rules (which will be in effect unless subsequently changed).

  1.   Students are encouraged to wear appropriate dress to school whether it is in the form of dresses, slacks, or jeans for class attendance.  In the event that dress is inappropriate for class attendance, the student will be required by the administration to change into proper dress before returning to class.  Inappropriate dress is defined as any dress that may disturb a normal classroom atmosphereBaggy pants, or pants with excessive holes, buckles, chains, etc., are not to be worn as they are a hazard to the students.
  2.   Boys and girls are forbidden to wear clothing with any profanity, inappropriate pictures, gestures, or writing (ex: Hooters or Hottie).  This includes the promotion of Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Gangs, and Sex.  Other tops that are not permitted include spaghetti straps, tank tops (shirts/dresses), open-sided, bare backed, bare midriff, transparent, spandex, underwear-bra tops, or tops that display cleavage.
  3. Hair is to be clean, well groomed, should not cause a disruption to the learning environment, and is not to be detracting to the decorum of the male or female student body.
  4. Caps, hats, bandannas, and chains are not to be worn in the school building.
  5. Students are not to go barefooted in the school.
  6. Clothing that encourages hate or put-downs of another group is not allowed.
  7. All students are to have appropriate dress for Physical Education classes.
  8. All skirts, dresses and shorts must clearly be 2-inches longer than the fingertips when arms are put down by the side.  Clothing should cover any bare skin from the shoulders (including shoulders) to 2-inches past the fingertips when arms are extended (including holes in shorts/pants/skirts).
  9. No shorts of spandex, underwear type, or tight fitting sportswear.
  10. Slacks made of spandex or other tight fitting material (including but not limited to leggings, tights, running pants or yoga pants) MUST be covered with appropriate shorts, skirts or shirts that are at least 2-inches past the fingertips when arms are put down by the side.
  11. For school events such as parties, field trips, dances, extra-curricular after school/evening events, etc., the dress code is still applicable for all students.

Any faculty member or administrator may make interpretation of the regulations, and decisions are not subject to appeal!  On the first offense students will be asked to change into appropriate attire or remain in-school suspended.  On subsequent offenses, the student must change and additional progressive disciplinary action may follow (detention, in-school suspension, Saturday School, etc.).


2014-15 School Supply Lists

Jonesville Middle School

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*In addition to the items found below, which will be used specifically by your student, any donation of Kleenex tissue, hand sanitizer or Clorox Bleach Wipes would be especially welcomed and appreciated for general classroom use.



Sixth Grade


Binder – preferably with a zipper


Folders for seven classes


Loose leaf notebook paper


One subject notebook

     (to be kept in ELA classroom)


Pencil pouch


#2 Pencils & cap erasers


Colored Pens (red, green, purple, etc.)


Highlighters (2 or 3)


Colored pencils


TI-34 Calculator










Seventh Grade



  • TI 34 or TI 30 Multi-view calculator
  • Folder
  • Notebook of regular size pages
  • Colored Pens (red, green, purple, etc.)
  • Pencils


  • One single subject (spiral or composition) notebook
  • Colored Pens (red, green, purple, etc.)

    Language Arts

  • Binder
  • 2 Folders
  • Colored Pens (red, green, purple, etc.)
  • Pencils

    Social Studies

  • Folder
  • Colored Pencils



Eighth Grade


Loose leaf lined notebook paper


#2 Pencils & cap erasers


3-Ring Binder (2 inch is sufficient for

                           Social Studies  Class)


8 subject dividers for 3-ring binder


1 large notebook (at least 150 pages – perforated, NOT spiral please)


Colored pencils


Colored Pens (red, green, purple, etc.)


TI-30 Multi View or TI-34 Calculator


3-Ring Binder (1 inch is sufficient) or a

         3 subject spiral notebook (Science)


3-Ring Binder (1 inch is sufficient for

                            Language Arts class)


2-Pocket folders